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On behalf of the Great Western Football and Netball Club and the Rodeo organising committee, we would like to invite you to become a sponsor of the 2018 Great Western Good Friday Rodeo.

This event has been running for 18 years now and has proven to be one of the major fundraisers for the Great Western Football and Netball Club and the community.

Although the rodeo is run by the football and netball club there are a number of other local community organisations who benefit from the running of the event. Without the support of the local business community it would not be possible to run events such as the Great Western Rodeo and we are always in need of their continued support.

The rodeo has continued to grow over the past 18 years and attendance at the 2016 event is again anticipated to be in the order of 5000 people. Our experience has been that people travel from all over the country to see this spectacular event which is rated as one of the best rodeos on the circuit.

Fully catered sponsorship packages are available in the corporate area where we endeavour to provide a real country rodeo atmosphere. Prices start at $880 for 4 people.

For further inquiries please don't hesitate to give me a ring on 0429 981 812 or contact the manager on

Thank you for your support and I look forward to you being part of this fantastic event in 2018.

Please call about our sponsorship packes.  If you would like to be involves, then please contact Danny Hoare, on